Some common questions answered

Am I able to submit more than one play to this competition?
No. You can only submit one play to The Women’s Prize for Playwriting.

Can I submit a play to the 2021 Prize that I submitted to the 2020 Prize?
You can submit a play this year which you also submitted last year, but as you can only submit one script, please think carefully about whether you have made meaningful changes to the play!

Do the script and supporting letter have to be anonymous?
No. The script and supporting letter should not be anonymous, please include your name on each submitted document.

What qualifies as ‘unperformed’?
Your play will only be considered ‘performed’ if it has run for over 6 performances to an audience. Scratch nights, work-in-progress performances, one-off sharings, excerpts, and amateur dramatics performances of your script will all be considered ‘unperformed’.

Do you accept scripts for radio plays?
No. We are only accepting scripts for the stage.

My play has been awarded a commendation in a previous prize, does that make it eligible?
Your play is still eligible if it has won a commendation in a previous prize. You script is only ineligible if it has already won an award.

I haven’t been sent a confirmation email for my second submission, does this mean it hasn’t been received?
Second submissions don’t always trigger a confirmation email, but don’t worry, we usually will have received the submission anyway. If you’re concerned your submission hasn’t been received then please get in touch with us at info@womensprizeforplaywriting.co.uk.

Do you accept unfinished scripts?
Whilst scripts don’t necessarily have to be finished, we do expect your submission to be at least a first draft of the full-length play.

At what stage of completion does my script need to be?
Your play does not have to be completely polished to be eligible for this award. If you submit a draft of your script, please discuss this in your supporting letter along with your aims for development.

What counts as a ‘professional review?’
For this award, a professional review is a review from a well-known large-scale publication. Blogs, smaller review platforms and local publications will not be judged as professional reviews when considering submissions.

Where can I find more information about the prize?
All the information about The Women’s Prize for Playwriting can be found on our website. We will also be posting updates about the award on our social media channels.  If you have any specific questions which haven’t been covered in our FAQs, please get in touch at info@womensprizeforplaywriting.co.uk.

Can you send me an information sheet with more information about the prize?
We are a small team so unfortunately we aren’t able to send individual information sheets about the prize. However, all the information about the prize can be found on our website, and if you have any specific questions we are more than happy for you to get in touch with us at  info@womensprizeforplaywriting.co.uk.

Do you accept invitations to sharings/performances of submitted scripts?
Due to us being a small team we are unable to accept or consider invitations to sharings of your submitted scripts.

Are writing partnerships/co-writers acceptable?
Writing partnerships are accepted and all co-written submissions that fall within the entry requirements will be considered eligible.

Do all writers contributing to a script have to identify as female?
The aim of the prize is to provide opportunities to new female writing talent. With this in mind, we will generally not accept plays with male co-writers. However, depending on their contribution to the script, we are willing to judge eligibility on a case by case basis.

Can I enter under a pseudonym?
You are more than welcome to enter under a pseudonym if you prefer. In terms of submission, we will still require you to provide an email address and phone number.

If I’m submitting more than one script, should they all be sent in the same email?
This is up to you! You are more than welcome to submit multiple entries or keep all submissions to one email. As long as each submission has a separate supporting letter then we are happy to accept any submission style.

Are solo shows eligible for the award?
Yes, solo shows are eligible and will be considered.

Does the cast have to be all-female?
No, the cast does not have to be all-female. The characters and content of the play are entirely up to you.

Is comedy allowed?
Yes, comedy-based plays are eligible and will be considered.